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Law Firm Advertising Guide

By Greenfield/Belser
August 4, 2016
Law Firm Advertising Guide

To law firm marketers:

With the help of FGI Research, our partner in two previous nationwide law firm marketing surveys, we faxed a three-page questionnaire to America’s 1,000 largest law firms. Within three weeks, we received 163 replies, which is within the expected range of return for fax surveys.

Grain of Salt

The firms that responded are evenly distributed throughout the United States, with concentrations in major markets. In size, they are a cross-section of the nation’s 1,000 largest law firms. One-third of the firms in our sample have more than 150 lawyers. The middle third have 71 to 150 lawyers. The smallest in the sample range from 34 to 70 lawyers.          

Before we present the more interesting details, however, we must send up a caution flag. Respondents to a fax survey are “self selected” rather than randomly chosen. Therefore, we can’t extrapolate the result to all large law firms. Our conclusions reflect only the answers of those firms that responded—presumably the firms most interested in advertising.

Caution to the wind

With that caveat, we have a valid picture of the advertising behavior of 163 of the nation’s largest law firms—something never available before. The results should be helpful to your firm, whether you are beginning to advertise, planning a new campaign or rethinking your advertising strategy. We have highlighted the findings we felt were most meaningful. And we have plainly noted instances where we suspect the data might be misconstrued and where our experience contradicts the results.