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Brand Regression?

By Greenfield/Belser
August 11, 2016
Brand Regression?

The State of Professional Services Branding 2013

This study began as a rant...

It appears to us that the post-recession state of professional services branding is like living in a bland, empty room. Wherever we look we see reduced brand activity and sameness. Once creative and compelling, service brands (via websites and advertising) seem less visible. In fact, it seems both the quality and quantity of branding efforts are regressing.

That’s not all. If you wish to undertake a brand exercise, it appears it must be titled, “Strategic Positioning Initiative” to avoid the factious response that sometimes arrives as talk turns to branding.

Are past failed efforts to blame? Is the stumbling economy a disincentive to act? Or is it the pendulum swing to BD, the tremendous pressure on CMOs to drive revenue? Has anyone else noticed the falloff in brand awareness and memorability? Do we still believe brand is critical to creating preference?

Good questions, we thought. So we asked firm leaders for their opinions. The goal was to confirm or deny our own—replacing opinion with fact. Sit back. Enjoy.