Greenfield Belser 2017 Annual Review

Greenfield Belser has been a Finn Partners company for almost two years. This year we are adopting the new Finn brand style we created for the firm that is on the second spread of our book. That’s exciting for all of us here at Finn, but that’s hardly all that has been going on this past year. Really, it is impossible to say we love the work we did for one client more than another, but our goal is always to show you a balanced portfolio—across sectors with firms of varying sizes located all around the country. Read more here.

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Handling Objections from Anybody—Clients, Colleagues, Kids…

By Burkey Belser
January 12, 2017
 Handling Objections from Anybody—Clients, Colleagues, Kids…

Consider this a retweet but annotated. A colleague at Finn Partners shared this smart reflection which I immediately sent on to our team for two reasons: I want to be held accountable when I handle objections and I want us to be that sensitive when we talk to clients. It’s so easy to be defensive when faced with a shortcoming…of our own or of our work. And, of course, defensiveness only makes matters worse. But as a fan of the same details (where God lives) I understand how important language is in shaping an emotional response and how language betrays our real thoughts and feelings. A little awareness can go a long way. Next post: Weasel words like “kinda” and “sorta” and “um” that undermine your authority while speaking.