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Another bumper crop year

And brand new fields to hoe with Finn Partners.
Our focus on creating and marketing fresh brands with clients remains at the core of what Greenfield Belser does. Inside this year’s annual review, you’ll find our picks for brand makeovers, extensions and campaigns that drive growth.

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driven, like you

Weaver, the largest independent CPA and advisory firm in Texas, relaunched its brand in 2010 to connect the firm’s messaging with its middle-market business target. Market research revealed that Weaver’s clients—leaders of privately held businesses—consider themselves to be trailblazers who have made their own way.

These confident leaders say they like to work directly with equally driven outside experts who have the experience and perspective to help them reach important goals. With all its new communication tools—identity, ads, flexible brochure system, trade show booths and more—Weaver aligns itself with the hopes and aspirations of its enterprising clients and sums it all up with the line, “Driven, like you.”