Eide Like Our Brand to be

about the market

Eide Bailly approached us with the charge to create a brand that is more about their market than about the firm itself.

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real challenges. real answers.

Today’s American Lawyer 200 list certainly looks different from that of 10 years ago. The consolidation of firms is not news, nor is the increasing professionalization of its C-level management. As many other firms have done, Polsinelli hired talent from another industry to bring a fresh perspective to the firm’s legal marketing. The result was a brand strategy carefully constructed from the inside. We were asked to give that strategy a brand expression in voice and visuals. We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: every law firm is unique. Their culture is expressed in the language that lawyers and staff use in the hallways. We found Polsinelli extraordinarily focused on their clients’ “real challenges.” Practical, bottom-line-oriented Polsinelli professionals feel it their duty to deliver “real answers.”