Eide Like Our Brand to be

about the market

Eide Bailly approached us with the charge to create a brand that is more about their market than about the firm itself.

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genuinely resourceful

An emerging U.S. leader in accounting and advisory services, Dixon Hughes Goodman has traveled a great distance in a handful of short and rewarding years. It has grown from local southeast ZIP codes with close client contact to one firm with regional, national and international reach. To mark its growth and rise to new challenges, an intensive business and brand strategy process led to the next generation of the DHG brand.

At the core of the new brand promise is the notion of resourcefulness. It’s a great word—suggesting agility, inventiveness, capability, talent and an enterprising nature. It’s the ability to deal well with new and difficult situations and to find solutions to problems.

Yes, DHG has great resources and wonderful personal relationships, but as one partner put it, “Clients stay with us because we are resourceful. Being so makes us more valuable.”