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WMATA Streamlines Site Amidst SafeTrack Concerns

By Kate Salava
December 12, 2016
WMATA Streamlines Site Amidst SafeTrack Concerns

As D.C.’s Orange and Silver lines have their turn at SafeTracking (for those outside of the area: the stuff nightmares are made of), area transportation service WMATA has been working behind the scenes to create a much-needed, user-friendly website.

Looking at the new interface, it’s easy to forget the disorganized mishmash that was the old WMATA site. The improved homepage features a simplified trip planner with options to choose routes with the fewest transfers and least walking required.

Below, it has bus and train ETAs, SmarTrip card information and plenty of reminders to sign up for metro alerts (they can’t say they didn’t warn you the red line was delayed again…)

The changes reflect a demand for easy, up-to-the-minute transportation knowledge, especially in a trying time for D.C. metro riders, where arriving one minute late could mean waiting another 20 for the next train.

All in all, the new WMATA website is decidedly sleeker, easier and faster to use (including on mobile—good thinking, WMATA), and better at getting users and riders alike from point A to point B.