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Who’s on Facebook, LinkedIn and… Well, All the Rest of Them?

By Burkey Belser
April 16, 2015
Who’s on Facebook, LinkedIn and… Well, All the Rest of Them?

Good fodder for your team and executive committee. Pass it on so they can feel "in the know." It won't take them much to review ComScore's "Demographic Composition of Leading Social Networks" and they can tell their kids, "Oh, you know, I see Tumblr is picking up speed among the Millennials." I made that up. I assume when I read the full report, I'll know what's really true. But actually, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the most visual social media are running away with Millennials. Well, visual media and SnapChat. (Fools, they think they can hide from us parents.) The hidden story here (actually, I did read the report) is that Facebook is 18x larger than any other pretender, however…if you look at billions of minutes spent (so many lifetimes!) you might be surprised to learn that Instagram and Snapchat log in at 12 and 6 billion minutes spent. Pinterest and Tumblr have, indeed, improved. My dear friends (seriously) at National Geographic must be beaming to know their's is the #1 social brand of 2014 with 579 million total actions. An "action" is a like, share, comment, retweet or favorite. I liked that and wanted to share with all of you in order to get your comments so you might retweet it (I'm outside and the woods are full of birds right now at dusk) as your favorite thing you read today.