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Weltrade Minisite Is More than a Talking Head

By Greenfield/Belser
June 26, 2015
Weltrade Minisite Is More than a Talking Head

Continuing with our exploration of interesting use of video on firm websites, we found Trading Culture of Weltrade a unique subject. This minisite, which introduces the audience to a special traders club, starts out with a video intro of epic proportions that sets up the rest of the site. We like that it is a rather short intro as well as the use of voiceover as opposed to a talking head scenario. As far as our professional services clients are concerned, this kind of treatment could be cool to introduce a practice, service or industry area.

As the video concludes we are directed to the landing page of the site. The concept is a still photo of the trader personality types personified as real people. As you hover over each “type,” that individual begins to move subtly in a seamless video loop, all while the rest of the image remains static. When their loop is through they stop and fall back into their original position. You can move about the page hovering over each individual with the same effect. We can see this treatmeant being used as a landing page introducing a team for example.

After clicking on a “type” we are brought to their specific detail page. Again the concept is a still photo that begins a smooth but subtle video loop of the individual gesturing. The relevant information scrolls up and down on the right of the screen. This could be a really nice treatment to take a bio page to the next level, no doubt.

The use of video here is not overwhelming or distracting, but enhances the information while having some fun at the same time. Take a look around. Enjoy!