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Walking to Work

By Gene Shaffer
January 22, 2010
Walking to Work

So I got this mini HD video camera over the holidays, and I’m obsessed. My mind is spinning with ideas for videos as I film clips that I edit later on my desktop. Short movies to post to YouTube and my iPod. Ahh, technology! In this particular video sketch, I decided I would record my walk to work from my apartment in Adams Morgan to my office at Greenfield/Belser near Dupont Circle.

Initially it was a simple experiment in how to actually use the camera. But I found my four-minute walk to work in the morning through a camera lens gave me an entirely new perspective on everything I routinely ignore. Making the familiar fresh is a part of what great design is all about. Not that this even pretends to be great video but what surprised me is that there is actually some suspense in this handheld, very shaky walk. Bottom line: Authentic video that's personal can match up with high-production video and open inexpensive opportunities for your organization. It can add warmth and personality to an otherwise ordinary corporate day.