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Two Thumbs up for Deloitte Consulting’s Promotional Microsite

By Joe Walsh
November 11, 2014
Two Thumbs up for Deloitte Consulting’s Promotional Microsite

They didn't ask for an endorsement, but I thoroughly enjoyed taking a quick tour of Deloitte Consulting's promotional microsite. If you haven't seen it, it's worth a gander to gain some inspiration and lift some ideas for marketing your own firm or organization.

Move forward. With confidence. #DeloitteConsulting

The highlights:

1. It caught my interest with an online ad on the American Lawyer website. Good marketing. Check.

2. When I clicked, I was greeted with a clean, modern and engaging display. Earned further attention. Check.

3. The site immediately states its purpose and how to learn more. Courteous use of my time. Check.

4. As I explored, I learned more about Deloitte Consulting's offerings. Interest becomes consideration. Check.

5. In every chapter of the site, I'm offered white papers, videos or other content marketing of value to download—which leads to further interaction. Check.

All in all, this site is a sharp way to introduce a broad set of skills in a polished package, leading to two thumbs up.

For the record, my interest in Deloitte is personal. I have great, old friends running Deloitte's marketing and it's nice to see them up to smart new tricks.