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Another bumper crop year

And brand new fields to hoe with Finn Partners.
Our focus on creating and marketing fresh brands with clients remains at the core of what Greenfield Belser does. Inside this year’s annual review, you’ll find our picks for brand makeovers, extensions and campaigns that drive growth.

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Thinking Big

By Kate Salava
February 16, 2017
Thinking Big

As a brand strategy and design firm that got its start way, way back, before the Internet days, we always appreciate a good print advertisement. One form of “print" that hasn’t gone anywhere, even with the rising dominance of digital advertising, is billboards. Large, extremely public, almost unavoidable—billboards are a medium that’s here to stay as long as there are roads to post them on. In fact, a recent partnership between AT&T and Clear Channel Outdoor, an outdoor advertising corporation, propels billboards even further into the digital age by potentially allowing advertisers to track consumers’ activity after they view the ads.

Now, an opportunity looms for billboards to present more than just stagnant promotions for car insurance, casinos and Big Macs. While there are still plenty of Big Mac ads, brands now have the opportunity to get creative, fun, humorous, and sometimes even interactive. They just need their message to stick. And with new viewer behavior data, that’ll be put to the test. That said, check out some of the “stickiest” examples of billboard advertising.