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Stop Running out of Storage on Your Camera Roll with Everalbum

By Greenfield/Belser
January 30, 2015
Stop Running out of Storage on Your Camera Roll with Everalbum

There is nothing worse than going to snap a picture and being hit with the “Cannot Take Photo” notification on your phone. If you’re like me, you have hundreds of pictures stored on your phone, which take up a large chunk of storage. Of course, you could easily delete a few to make room for new ones but the irrational fear of possibly wanting to pull one up to look at one day (this never actually happens) takes over and you can’t bring yourself to hit the trash button.

Our App of the Week, Everalbum, is an easy way to create space on your phone without having to delete your pictures. The app automatically backs up the pictures you take, as you take them, so you can access them later across all of your devices. Once the images are backed up through the app, the “Free Space” feature allows you to delete them from your camera roll. This frees up space for more pictures while keeping the images available on your phone through the app. Even if you lose your phone and have to get a replacement, you can still access the photos.

Everalbum has other great features too. The app automatically creates albums that group pictures by events, places and dates so they are conveniently organized. All photos can also be password protected so you never have to worry about privacy.

Everalbum is a great way to make more room on your phone for other photos. Check it out in the iTunes store today.