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Species in Pieces Elegantly Delights Through UX

By Greenfield/Belser
July 17, 2015
Species in Pieces Elegantly Delights Through UX

This week, we’ve decided to feature a website created by Bryan James Design. The site, named Species In Pieces, beautifully highlights 30 endangered species in the most elegant way. Each page presents a collection of geometric shapes that morph together and form one of the 30 endangered animals. Ambient piano music plays in the background and adds to the melodramatic feel of the site. When explored further, you can find fully realized infographics that show population numbers over the past two decades, as well as information and additional videos about each animal.

The site itself is a great example of UX design. The movements are fluid, the animations and transitions are beautiful, and the site is easy to use. On top of all this, the site is optimized for mobile use and does a fantastic job at maintaining its overall elegance and beauty on a smaller device.

What makes this site really unique (from a designers perspective) is the dialogue that it opens between creator and viewer. In the footer of the site’s landing page, you can find a “How its Made” tab that expands and describes what went into creating the transitions and animations. If further questions arise or if you’re curious to learn more about the techniques used in the site, they ask that you reach out.

This site fires on all cylinders. It’s extremely well-crafted and definitely worth your time to check out. Take a moment and visit Species In Pieces today.