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site visitsSM InSites: Graphics

By Greenfield Belser, a Finn Partners company
July 1, 2016
site visits<sup>SM</sup> InSites: Graphics

Among the 50 association sites reviewed at site visitssm, below are a few of our favorite association websites that have integrated a strong use of graphics.

1. AARP. So much information is presented, yet not once did we feel overwhelmed. What’s not to like about this very strong, well-designed site?


2. API. API guides readers through their tale with an interactive infographic that explains the path of oil, from exploration to your car’s gas tank.


3. American Beverage Association. In our eyes, far and away, the most engaging section of the site was the minisite, whose focus is on products. From sports drinks to ready-to-drink teas, the site is a primer to what’s contained in each beverage type.


4. Advanced Medical Technology Association. The simple one sheet description of the organization under About Us—rendered as an information graphic—is sharp, impressive and to the point.