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Site of the week - Startup Lab

By Tracy Bernstein
August 25, 2017
Site of the week - Startup Lab

When designing a new website, smaller uses of animation or movement were once an afterthought. Designers focused mainly on larger, more involved animations or video. However, in the last few years, it has become an integral part of the design process. Small, subtle motion can be a pleasant surprise on a website and keep the user engaged. Startup Lab is a Norwegian company that supports tech startups across the world and their site uses a few of these nice touches. The company provides all kinds of access to facilities, workshops, investors, advice and mentoring for startups. So, their website needs to be simple, straightforward and easy to navigate. I won’t say I love everything about the site, but I do like some of its animated features.

The home and landing pages load with multiple images, text and icons, sliding in at slightly different speeds and at different depths. I like the effect of the added dimension to the page. There’s also a nice feature when you scroll over their list of client logos, where you get either the name of the company, a short description of the company or both. Not all the logos need this and it could be more stylized, but the feature is a nice idea. 

There’s also a really interesting thought behind the hamburger menu. When you hover over it, it deconstructs into three blocks, mimicking the arrangement of the three blocks housing the company’s core areas of information on the homepage. The blocks don’t function any differently, but again, it’s a pleasant touch.

Keeping these subtle movements in mind when designing a website can lend just enough added interest to ultimately keep a user engaged on the site.