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Site of the Week: Proud & Punch

By Gwen Lader
April 17, 2017
Site of the Week: Proud & Punch

Proud & Punch is an Australian website featuring frozen Greek-style yogurt and popsicles made with fresh ingredients. While the desserts are quite beautiful, they’re nothing compared to the site itself. Immediately, you’ll notice beautiful artwork illustrating the product and what’s inside, as well as what’s not inside (i.e. artificial sweeteners). Subtle movements and page transitions add interest and the kind of details that keep viewers captivated without them realizing. Another small yet impressive feature is how the border changes based on the page and its artwork. A page about raspberry frozen yogurt would yield a pink background with berries, for example whereas the mango yogurt’s page features a beautiful sunset orange.

This website is simple, but it’s all about the details. The copywriting is well done, at times brilliantly, with popsicle names such as “It takes two to mango.” The page load is a gorgeous illustration with the load indicator—making it almost enjoyable to wait. It also scales responsively, keeping all elements on the desktop. Proud & Punch’s website is a refreshing way to sell summery treats; they’ve definitely convinced us to “turn up the beet.”