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Site of the Week: Phone Jacks

By Jen Chavarria
May 30, 2017
Site of the Week: Phone Jacks

Life in motion

In the digital world, it’s beneficial to use motion to attract visitors. Sites only featuring still images and no animation will have to work a lot harder to get and keep the user interested.

Animating images, videos and graphs allow the data to show some life. It presents the information in a way much more engaging and interactive, which in turn keeps the user on your site longer and allows them to dig in deeper. You don’t need full-blown motion—that might force the webpage to take too long to load, frustrating instead of enticing your visitors. It can be as simple as transitions, effects, easing in and out to create depth in your website that is subtle enough to the eye to not overwhelm the user. Australian site Phone Jacks does a great job of this. It should look like the motion was part of your original design, rather than forced upon the image. Having great content, design, motion and all other web designing features at once is not easy, but using a significant amount of motion on your website will definitely improve the user’s experience and increase the site’s clicks.