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Site of the Week: Oxford Properties

By Gene Shaffer
May 19, 2017
Site of the Week: Oxford Properties

We’re always on the lookout for inspiration when it comes to designing and developing web pages. Sometimes it comes from exploring sites that are very much out of our space to see how they solve a particular challenge. A restaurant website or an airline site, for example, has a different perspective than us, but could handle an issue in a way that is also beneficial to our clients. 

This week I was thinking about our “Offices” or “Locations” pages. I found Oxford, a real estate investment company. Obviously, the beautiful building photography featured on their site draws my attention and helps me visualize what a Locations page for our clients could look like. The home page marquee displays some quick, interesting and well-shot clips. While scrolling the featured properties, you’ll see some nice subtle rollover movement. I also like how the images are various sizes, which helps break up the grid. Clicking on a featured property reveals a detail page. A nice, large image of the space and a title help me to get a feel for what I’m looking at. Scrolling further reveals some more detailed images, as well as a location map. A side note: I like that the map does not move or scale as I scroll over it!

Another element of the site that caught my attention is the “Lease with Us” page. It’s really just a nice search feature, where I can select what kind of space I need in a specific city. I can imagine using this in a similar way for an attorneys search page. I need a Litigation Attorney in Cleveland. Neat.