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My Kind of Mood

By Alexis Thornlow
June 16, 2016
My Kind of Mood

Originating from Italy, "electronic pump rock" band Moods has a website worthy of being our Site of the Week. The site centers around Moods music, and gives information about the band in a unique and interesting way. The site's homepage displays a wonderful collage of colors, movement and music in sync with the visitor's cursor. The homepage is just the start. Moods' website houses five interior pages, all of which are exciting to explore.


The navigation is held behind a hamburger menu that frees up the real estate on the homepage in order to play the band's video. This video continues to play in the background no matter which page you are on. The biography is clear and easy to understand. It displays a short story about the band with accompanying press photos. If you scroll down, vertical lines are drawn pointing a name to the related band member. The discography page loads entire albums and allows the user to listen to each track. If you enjoy the music that you hear, you can scroll down further and purchase the album or download lyrics.


The gallery is organized in two sections, photos and videos. In the photo gallery, two categories of "Official Photos" and "Live Photos" are available. To see more within that category, additional photos are displayed horizontally instead of vertically or through a new page. This is great way to show additional information while staying on the current page.


My favorite part of this website is a small detail. Nowadays it's hard to tell where you are on a site after clicking through numerous pages. The way this website displays breadcrumbs is very clever—it's always labeled to the left of the menu bar. I found it very helpful to tell which page I was on, especially when the majority of these pages had no words. Moods is a wonderful site. We encourage you to check it out.