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Site of the Week: Holm Marcher & Co.

By Liz Sullivan
May 2, 2016
Site of the Week: Holm Marcher & Co.

Holm Marcher & Co. is a headhunting agency based in Copenhagen. Their site has several nice features but its storytelling strategy is what earns the spotlight as our Site of the Week.

The site opens with a black field and a short, clear introductory sentence. One hardly has to wait a beat before the black screen automatically retracts to deliver a (somewhat) more familiar website structure. Already, I’m interested. The drama is quick and minimal but powerful enough to compel user engagement.


Just a few seconds more on the homepage deliver the rest of the story via a vertical scroll. While the structure itself is more ordinary, the experience stands out because of the continuous narrative gracefully choreographed by the user as they scroll.

Holm Knock Knock

The content units on the homepage don’t simply sit as disinterested neighbors on a plane. In this site, the message of one unit bleeds into the next, telling a story as the site unfolds. The user is guided with images, graphics and minimal words without the usual burden to interpret a takeaway. The site is doing the work, and, as a result, the brand personality really shines. 

Holm Bus

Holm Who

The same storytelling strategy is carried throughout the site. Even in areas with more utilitarian content, management of the user journey and courteous delivery of content continues.

This is courteous design at its finest!