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Site of the Week: EHA Group

By Tom Dekle
June 12, 2017
Site of the Week: EHA Group

If you’re looking for a smooth and sleek website, then you’ve found it! The EHA Group is the UK and Ireland’s leading construction company. They deliver high quality, innovative projects. With highly polished quality and design, the EHA Group’s website complements them well.

This website can help point any firm looking to renovate their own site in the right direction. With its robust, high quality images and overall presentations, the EHA group is like no other construction company website. This site keeps a consistent balance of clarity and color harmony that is favorable for viewers. Since we’re always looking to do something different from the norm on our own site, especially when it comes to animation, I was immediately drawn to the slide shown presentation on the homepage—it shows a great representation of abstract movements. The smooth movements of transitioning content in on each landing page is attractive enough to make viewers stay, wanting to see more. I also think it would be a great idea for some future bio pages’ content to transition in a similar way.