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We will be exhibiting at the ASAE Annual Meeting and Expo from August 12-August 15. Be sure to stop by booth #339 to learn more about our association work, and if you’re an attendee, to claim your sweet treat! We would love to see you!

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Site of the Week: Awwwards' Digital Thinkers Conference

By Gene Shaffer
February 20, 2017
Site of the Week: Awwwards' Digital Thinkers Conference

The 3D style is what drew me to the Awwwards' conference site right off the bat. It’s nothing that we haven’t all seen before, but maybe that’s why I was drawn to it. This is a modern website that incorporates old tech. It resonates with me as the creative approach we abide by here at Greenfield Belser. Making the familiar fresh.

The site itself is very simple and links speakers to their individual Twitter pages. I like the simple parallax and the fact that the bio shots are a mix between video loops and still shots. All have various styles, but the black and white and 3D effect pulls them together.

This neat little gimmick may just retain your attention for long enough to further engage you in the site and prompt you to continue clicking through. Which, of course, is the goal for almost any website. Maybe it'll even entice you to put the old pair of 3D glasses from your kitchen junk drawer to use. That said, even without the glasses, I think the site is visually interesting. And who doesn’t like 3D stuff?