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Site of the Week: Armanino

By Gabby Bryant
February 14, 2017
Site of the Week: Armanino

This week's site of the week highlights a few interesting features built into Armanino, a large accounting and consulting firm's site. While the site is clean, vibrant, and easy to navigate and digest, two areas spoke to us as different and eye-catching. 

The first is an ad-like banner. Containing three action-specific items (White Paper, "Have a Question?" and eBook links), this banner pops up at the bottom of a user's screen as they scroll down any page, but then locks to the top of the rich footer at the end of the page. A smart, non-intrusive way to get click-worthy information to the user without forcing them to click to open a tab, or scroll past. 

The second feature worth noting on the site are the bios. Instead of showcasing one image for each professional, the Armanino site shows three—one headshot-type portrait and two "personality pictures."

Nothing humanizes someone more than images of them smiling candidly and comfortably. Does loosening up aid in showcasing what your firm has to offer? I don't know, but it puts a smile on my face.