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We will be exhibiting at the ASAE Annual Meeting and Expo from August 12-August 15. Be sure to stop by booth #339 to learn more about our association work, and if you’re an attendee, to claim your sweet treat! We would love to see you!

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Site of the Week - Apple's iMac Pro


Nanther Thangarajah
August 2, 2017

Site of the Week - Apple's iMac Pro

There's so much to this, both obvious and subtle, and absolutely in line with Apple's renowned attention to detail. It simultaneously showcases, highlights and excites - not just a challenge for a webpage to do, but also considering it won't be physically available for quite a few months yet, not instantly gratified at your nearest Apple Store, just yet.

From the animation on initial page load to the scrolling effects as you move down the page - it's a refreshing sight. The text fades as you scroll past it, highlighting the next feature. Size changes draw the differences between headlines and Headlines. Specifications are featured front and center, with supporting words and imagery.

This is essentially a product sales sheet after all, so why can't you do the same thing to highlight your firm's humans? Why can't a bio page be designed like a sales sheet? Create appealing copy, attention-grabbing headlines, and display your achievements for all to see. Make the page dynamic, with not just a single head shot, or even a full body image. Today's web capability can give you more than movies and GIFs. Use it. Leverage it. Display your best assets, all the time.

One thing that's interesting with this particular page is the difference in experience with the browser. Go ahead. Try viewing it in something other than your daily browser - Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari - and see if you notice subtle and not so subtle differences in how the page displays and content animates. Happy accident or intentional? In any case, it makes for an interesting user experience.

See something you'd like to emulate or have a completely different idea? We can help see it materialize!