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Rubber Duckies, 2015 Best in Show: Direct Mail/Invites

By Greenfield/Belser
May 27, 2016
Rubber Duckies, 2015 Best in Show: Direct Mail/Invites

Greenfield/Belser initiated the Rubber Duckie Awards six years ago as a way to reflect upon its work during the past year. Everyone votes. And although it’s an internal award, the results are surprisingly close to the awards we win every year from our peers in the industry. So why a “rubber duckie”? Whenever a creative session ground to a halt, Burkey would say, “How about a duck!” Nothing’s sillier than a duck. Tension punctured; mood lifted; creativity resumed.

Last week, we featured our Best in Show for Identity. Following this category is Best in Show for Direct Mail and Professional Invites. This category focuses on creative direct-to-target campaigns. Each piece was taken into consideration when voting. Not all clients had work done for each category, not all winners had work for each category. That being said, these are the top three who walked away with an award for Best in Show Direct Mail/Invites. The 1st place winner of this category was Erickson Immigration Group for its office announcement. The 2nd place winner of this category was Greenfield/Belser for our California office announcement. Finally, the 3rd place winner of this category was Science IP for its postcard series. 

We can say there is disagreement among us about what wins or even makes it as a finalist; still, we hope the work shown is a source of interest. For more inspiration, be sure to check out complete case studies in our work section.

1st Place Winner: Erickson Immigration Group


2nd Place Winner: Greenfield/Belser 


3rd Place Winner: Science IP