Greenfield Belser 2017 Annual Review

Greenfield Belser has been a Finn Partners company for almost two years. This year we are adopting the new Finn brand style we created for the firm that is on the second spread of our book. That’s exciting for all of us here at Finn, but that’s hardly all that has been going on this past year. Really, it is impossible to say we love the work we did for one client more than another, but our goal is always to show you a balanced portfolio—across sectors with firms of varying sizes located all around the country. Read more here.

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Reebok’s Be More Human Microsite Focuses on User Experience

By Greenfield/Belser
April 17, 2015
Reebok’s Be More Human Microsite Focuses on User Experience

A well-designed website should be engaging, exciting and make the user want to take the time to explore all of its features. Reebok’s Be More Human Microsite is built on the human experience that keeps users coming back. There are many features that allow the user to interact with the site, such as the #breakyourselfie hashtag on Instagram, finding your Human Score and the engaging videos that make the user want to get up and get moving. From a marketing perspective, this is a perfect promo for a fitness company—challenge people to post a selfie after working out or post videos that show people working hard and dripping in sweat. Summer is quickly approaching and I don’t know about you, but this is enough to motivate me to put down the cheeseburger and hit the gym. And since I’m already on Reebok’s site, why not head over and browse their clothing section to see if there is some workout gear that can help me achieve my fitness goals.

For those who aren’t as easily persuaded by well-shot videos of hardcore athletes (actors) pushing themselves to the limits in intense environments (well-staged sets), they also take on the more scientific mind in the Gray Matters section. This portion of the site features a 3D-brain, demonstrating all the ways how being a couch potato is bad and why exercising is good (buy our merchandise and you will be active and healthy!) by showing which part of the brain is stimulated based on different kinds of physical activity. For example, when I dance, my hippocampus becomes more active, improving my memory. I wonder if all the dancing I do while sitting in my desk chair counts? Probably not.

The parallax scrolling, page transitions and different navigation options keep the site interesting. Scroll down to visit all of the sections the site has to offer, or click the right rail to access them. Perhaps the most intriguing part of the site is the human score test. After a series of multiple choice questions, this test gives you a personalized “human score” that (supposedly) tells you what kind of approach to fitness you take. My number was 71 and after reading the brief explanation, it looks like I take a scientific approach to fitness. Who knew?

Check out the site for yourself, take a selfie and let us know what your human score is.