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Red Is Back: Company Rituals Build Brand Loyalty

By Charlene Peterson
December 4, 2014
Red Is Back: Company Rituals Build Brand Loyalty

My happy news this week? The red cup returned to my local Starbucks! For Starbucks and its customers, the red cup is a symbol the holidays have officially started and its reappearance makes the holiday season—and my coffee—a little warmer and brighter.

We celebrate rituals during this season, in particular, and I’m impressed that Starbucks and other brands include themselves in our rituals through details as simple as a red cup. Coca-Cola’s Santa Claus is the most outsized “red cup” but you must have your own examples of holiday brand dress. Yes, it’s calculated, but if I love the coffee, I will add to my storehouse of memories of the brand through its details. This is the consistent confirmation of why I relate to the brand—which is why I happily passed $1,200 over the Starbucks counter last year and will again in 2015.