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about the market

Eide Bailly approached us with the charge to create a brand that is more about their market than about the firm itself.

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Peyton Manning Retires... or Not

By Burkey Belser
March 8, 2016
Peyton Manning Retires... or Not

Most of you don't know it but Peyton Manning is really our very own Joe Walsh without the shoulder pads. While Peyton is retiring, Joe is just reaching his stride. I can't vouch for his long ball but he can score a Hall of Fame brand with the best of them. The resemblance is more than skin deep, Peyton meet Joe; Joe, Peyton. They both have the exact same charming personality as pitchmen. Would you buy a Papa John's pizza from Peyton? Well, I would buy one from Joe. Would you stay in a hotel next to Peyton. Move over, Peyton; Joe is in the room next door. We'll miss "The Sheriff" but if you're nostalgic, pick up the phone and talk to Joe. Shucks, he's probably got just the brand you need. Seriously. It's probably the haircut. Or the cerebral forehead. Or the reluctant smile, right? 

Joe Walsh