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We will be exhibiting at the ASAE Annual Meeting and Expo from August 12-August 15. Be sure to stop by booth #339 to learn more about our association work, and if you’re an attendee, to claim your sweet treat! We would love to see you!

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Marketing and Sales Live Side By Side in Most Companies

By Burkey Belser
April 8, 2010
Marketing and Sales Live Side By Side in Most Companies

Image Credit: The CMO Survey

The pendulum between marketing and sales swings wildly in law firms, in particular—an exasperating “thituation,” as Sylvester would say. So it was gratifying to see these results from a CMO survey sponsored by the American Marketing Association and Duke University (thecmosurvey.org). There is no fight between marketing and sales any more than there is a fight between form and function. What is it with people who shout “content is king” and then present content as unreadable gibberish and in unappealing formats? If content were really king, magazines would be published as manuscripts.

Are we always itching for a fight? Is this the same human tendency that has led to our paralyzed Congress? Hegel got it right when he proposed a spiraling dialectic, swinging from pole to pole. But the result is a lot of frantic and wasted energy. If you want your kids to go to sleep, challenge them to run from wall to wall as fast as they can and beat their last time, each time. If, however, you’d rather get something meaningful done, marketing and sales, figure out how to work together.