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Making Note-Taking Neat

By Dillon Vita-Finzi
November 14, 2014
Making Note-Taking Neat

Somewhere deep down, in the darkest realms of that twisted brain of yours, between that thought of next week’s Taco Tuesday and that embarrassing exchange between you and Linda from three years ago, there lies a belief that even though it's your first day at a new job, you will remember every single person’s name, despite only hearing it once. It’s only one name. I’ll remember. I am smart.

This is the biggest lie we tell ourselves. Every single one of us at some point has said, whether out loud or in our own heads, that we will remember every piece of whatever trivial knowledge has come up that we have not written down. I am here to tell you that we need to change this fallacy. And it all starts by downloading our new note-taking app of the week, Neato.

I know what you’re thinking; doesn’t my iPhone come with a note-taking app already? Isn’t this a basic feature I can find on my smartphone? Can’t a pen and paper do exactly the same thing? The answer is no. Well, yes and no. The traditional concept of note-taking is the same. If you have something you need to right down and keep for later, this app can do that. What makes Neato different is its ability to function directly from your notification center. That means when you have to juggle multiple applications, copying information from one to another, all it takes is a simple swipe and you have somewhere to write, copy or paste said information. In its simplest form, it means you don’t need to close an app to move or save copy. And as an added bonus, Neato allows you to transfer these notes to your Dropbox and Evernote accounts instantaneously.

Neato is a solid application. I recommend it for anyone looking to bump up their note-taking abilities. Be the person who remembers everyone’s name in a room. Be that person who has every phone number filed and ready to go. Be that person who downloads Neato.

Neato is free for the moment, but this could change any day now. Take advantage and download it from iTunes today.