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Location, Location, Location

By Dillon Vita-Finzi
September 16, 2016
Location, Location, Location

Typically, when we write our Site of the Week blog, we like to focus on a particular element on a site that stands out. We write about why this feature is unique and how this feature can be used by our peers to make the most of their own site’s design. This week, we wanted to emphasize Expedition Wadden’s site for its excellent use of location-based content.


For starters, I must admit the site is not very extensive. And, being that it is written completely in Dutch, the content is beyond me. Luckily neither of these elements are what I am focusing on in today’s review. The feature that I love about this site is its presentation of location based content. As seen on the landing page, the site is focusing on six different locations. Users are prompted to scroll and learn about each. Every location is provided with a historic image and a mini map excerpt that shows the exact location. A blurb is also provided prompting the user to click and learn more.


A link within each blurb allows the user to dive deeper into the location and learn more. On these detail pages the user can watch videos, see photos, learn fast facts and share the content via social media. The detail information (from what I can gather) provides a full spectrum of information for the user to take from their experience on the site.


The reason I chose to highlight this site is because of how I envision it working within the professional services world. For large organizations who have a laundry list of business services, all housed under individual LLCs, this type of site would lend itself very well to potential clients attempting better understand the firm and each sub-division. Every location could provide an overview outlining the services provided at that particular branch. It could list those who work there, provide fast facts about the branch and a history of how it came to be. Ultimately, building out a location section of your site would help connect those looking to learn more about your organization.

Expedition Wadden’s site has some wonderful features and should be checked out for those looking to mix up their location pages. Check it out today.