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Life of Pi’s Microsite Comes to Life with the Same Technical Vigor Seen in the Movie

By Dillon Vita-Finzi
March 6, 2015
Life of Pi’s Microsite Comes to Life with the Same Technical Vigor Seen in the Movie

Earlier this week I came across a very interesting microsite developed for the movie Life of Pi. Ordinarily, sites like this tend to let me down due to their lackluster imagery, shallow content and inability to capture the same narrative seen in the movies they are based on. It becomes very evident that there are two different identities responsible for the creation of both the movie and the sites themselves.

However, when I came across I was pleasantly surprised at the site’s overall feel and in-depth look at how the movie was made. Before we jump into some of the site’s content, it is important to note that the site is Flash-based and fairly large. For that reason, when you first launch it, there is a wait as the site loads its content. Trust me when I say it is worth it sticking around. When all is up and running you are presented with some astonishing images from the movie and interesting behind-the-scenes info.

The site is based on a parallax design. As you scroll down, it literally “comes to life” in front of you—responding to every movement you make on the page. It takes you on an adventure, showing layers of production and design work that went into the world building seen within the movie. It is important to note that Life of Pi won the Oscar for Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects (among other things) in 2012 and the website does a good job at maintaining these standards for visual presentation and storytelling. In fact, this may have been my favorite quality of the site. It was able to present such a compelling story in how the movie was created, and provided such beautiful content to coincide with this information, that it made me want to watch the movie all over again, just to be in that world I now felt as though I had build with the creators.

This is a fantastic site that breaks down some amazing designs and does so in a fluid manner. Definitely worth a look if you are vying for inspiration. Check it out today!