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Eide Bailly approached us with the charge to create a brand that is more about their market than about the firm itself.

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It’s No Longer a Web-Safe Font World

By Mark Ledgerwood
January 14, 2015
It’s No Longer a Web-Safe Font World

Over the last couple of years, the font options available to designers have blossomed from a limited list of fonts, likely to render in most browsers, to a multitude of choices. Behind this explosion of options is the arrival of solutions such as @font-face, Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit. The first two mentioned are services free to use while Typekit is a subscription-based service.

But, the point of this post is not to go into the relative merits or pluses and minuses of each service. What we want to point out is that the tyrannical age of Arial, Verdana, Georgia and the like has ended. A freedom traditionally enjoyed only by print designers is now beginning to find its way to web designers.

Here at Greenfield Belser, we have been incorporating Google Fonts into many of our newest web designs and are experimenting with Typekit as we go forward. This means web typography that better expresses the character and unique qualities of your brand—which we always strive to bring forward in our work. The trend towards more fonts and more freedom for designers is a big one and we’re really excited about it.

For more information and to download the entire Google Fonts library, visit https://www.google.com/fonts. For more info on Abobe Typekit, visit www.typekit.com/.