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How to Judge an Award-Winning Website

By Greenfield/Belser
June 13, 2011
How to Judge an Award-Winning Website


Judges for the 2012 Web Marketing Association awards were asked to judge this site in order to "set" standards for the judging team; ie. how consistent are we in our opinions? How far apart? Our criteria are usability, appeal, innovative use of technology, effectiveness of communication, etc-generally the qualities you would hope judges look for. The Apple Store is a high-flying site that does many things well. Apple persists in featuring flagship products solo on its home page, a strategy other merchandisers lack the courage (or savvy) to do. However, some pages have become difficult to parse. When judging sites, adopt the mind of the buyer. Look for an iPad (or whatever strikes your fancy) and the accessories you want to accompany the purchase. Find the nearest store. Go through the checkout procedure (but you might not wish to hit and charge your card). Now, suggest improvements to the site.  Judges opinions are just that, opinions but they are the opinions of the experienced and well-informed.  Collectively, judging results in an evolving set of best practices,  That's why we pay attention to award-winners. And that's why we care about awards.