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Honesty Is the Best Policy in This Ad

By Greenfield/Belser
December 18, 2014
Honesty Is the Best Policy in This Ad

Advertising today is a huge undertaking. Print or digital? What about a TV spot? Banner ads? Are you using the correct analytics program? How many people are you reaching? Are you even reaching the right target audience? Well, let’s rewind. As with everything, it starts with a great idea.

Recently, I ran into this series of advertisements for a Swedish company called NordNet. Not only are these set of ads humorous, but they truly break the industry mold. The comedic tone and “transparent banking” motif really shine through. It’s an attention-grabber, rather than a “where is that darn remote...”

I wasn’t really in the market to be sold on a financial entity that has nothing to do with my life on a day-to-day basis, (and is located in Sweden) but it sure did drive me to take a peak into this company and their offerings, just to find out more. A great idea and sincerely great execution.

Now, I don’t know how their analytics are doing... but they sure did catch my attention. (And now yours, too!)