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Our focus on creating and marketing fresh brands with clients remains at the core of what Greenfield Belser does. Inside this year’s annual review, you’ll find our picks for brand makeovers, extensions and campaigns that drive growth.

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Holland & Hart Launches Pioneering Website

January 27, 2017
Holland & Hart Launches Pioneering Website

We designed for Holland & Hart one of the very first law firm brochures, long before there were logos or websites or advertising. It was a slim number, very sedate, designed to fit into a man’s (of course) coat pocket. The firm’s name was foil stamped on burgundy felt stock. The page designs reflected a classic book style. I’m falling asleep just writing about but suddenly, in the middle of the book the reader was met with a full-color illustrated foldout map by one of the country’s leading illustrators of their offices along the spine of the Rocky Mountains. When the brochure was retired, the idea was retained in the tagline, “The Law Out West.”

Holland & Hart became THE Rocky Mountain firm then and they remain, in the minds of buyers, the Rocky Mountain firm today. Now that their footprint has expanded, “The Law Out West” feels less appropriate to many in the partnership, but how could any responsible marketer recommend they walk away completely from such a memorable brand? So, when we teamed up with Holland & Hart to design a new website, one of the first things we did was to modify that brand, trading “The Law Out West” for a kinetic tagline that began with “Pioneering…” Pioneering Energy, for example, or Pioneering Real Estate.

The new website is completely new. It sports all the indicia of modern pioneers including video on the home page, new and expanded portraiture and smart content. The site is still rich with content, but it’s now organized in a much more user-friendly, accessible way. It’s a pleasure to breeze through, whereas the old site had become challenging.

Week 1, feedback has been rolling into the corral and it is overwhelmingly positive. Yippee-ki-yay.