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H is for Holidays and Hemenway: Behind the scenes of a hand crafted holiday card

By Joe Walsh
December 1, 2016
H is for Holidays and Hemenway: Behind the scenes of a hand crafted holiday card

As you rush this year's print and electronic holiday season cards and wishes out the door, we’re pleased to share inspiration for next year. Along with a plug for a time when wishes were more personal and cards, handmade.

Long-time wealth management and law firm client, Hemenway & Barnes turns to us annually for the type of card that fits their brand: high-end, deeply personal and, more recently, hand-made.

In 2015, Alexis Thornlow, one of our talented designers (and an accomplished crafter) had the idea to hand make an H in the form of the Hemenway logo. Hours of work with construction paper formed the H below, which was then captured by our photographer and made into a card. The end result was beautiful and award-winning. How do you match or top that in 2016?

Re-enter Alexis. The Hemenway family tree logo has always led to garden-inspired metaphors for the brand, growing wealth and such. This year, Alexis made a garden, by hand. See the end product and some behind the scenes shots of her handiwork.