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Helping Children
through Heart Kids NZ

By Gwen Lader
July 8, 2016
Helping Children<br>through Heart Kids NZ

Heart Kids NZ is a dramatic, emotionally-driven website focused on helping children with heart disease. Through compelling photography and a simple navigation, the site tells the stories of afflicted children. The navigation is a three piece button with a pulsing heart to guide you to the different stories. Its open and close transitions, hover states, background effect and use of video add a smooth and fluid feel to the site. 

GIF	Heart_Kids_Landing_Scroll

Each child's story is conveyed with simplicity. The background slowly follows your cursor creating movement and depth to an otherwise still image. As the visitor scrolls, they are guided through both facts on heart disease as well as a profile of the afflicted child. Interactive rollover statistics help further engage and personalize the story. 


The parent’s story video is a simple pop-up. The video’s are illuminating with soothing background music and heart-felt stories that compliment the imagery. Two buttons below the video allow you to donate or share. The site's use of the donate button is not overwhelming and always easy to find. It’s a simple site with a strong message. The ease of use and movement help to make this site more compelling and memorable. Feel free to check it out today!