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Great Communications Want Clarity, Brevity and Great Design

By Burkey Belser
October 16, 2014
Great Communications Want Clarity, Brevity and Great Design

Research uncovered by Marketing Sherpa, proves readers are still annoyed by typos. However, what I find interesting across generations is that clarity trumps all else among consumers. Is this a surprise? Well, not when you read marketing materials from law firms, accounting firms and other consultants. Most of the time, clarity has not even entered the author's mind.

A close second, among those over 55, is the ability to reply and interact with the author. Sounds more like a Millennial demand to me, but there it is. Boomers want to talk back. Not to be ignored is in demand from pretty much everyone, except the Silent Generation.

Your bottom line? You can ignore it, walk away from it, talk around it or turn to the wall and sulk, but you should probably listen up: clear, well-designed communications are pretty much all anyone wants. Anything else is just clutter, a crumpled basketball for the round file.