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Site of the Week: Granny's Secret

By Ana Rodriguez
December 5, 2016
Site of the Week: Granny's Secret

For our site of the week, I decided to look for a site that combined two of my passions, food and design. I was looking for a website that would make me want to come back, even if I wasn't interested in making a purchase. Granny's Secret does exactly that by sharing more than just the products they've created.

As you go through the site, it's clear they've thought every section through. All the information the user needs to know has been displayed using beautiful, detailed imagery and video. The site requires very minimal scrolling, allowing users to explore seamlessly. 

The website takes the user on a journey by showing exactly how they make their products, highlighting each of the ingredients used. Each product page has a sliding feature, which shares detailed information. This feature is guided by arrows throughout each section of the website.

Given the amount of movement found on the site, the company utilized a grid structure, which showcases recipes involving their products in the categories of breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know my colleagues and I already find ourselves getting lost Granny's Secret's exceptional storytelling technique and we'll be coming back to their site hungry for more.