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Site of the Week: Tourism in Burkina Faso

By Gwen Lader
February 1, 2017
Site of the Week: Tourism in Burkina Faso

This week’s Site of the Week has gone international—we’re looking at Gourmantour’s website, a project specializing in supporting ecotourism development in eastern Burkina Faso.

Stunning background images are at the root of this site’s success. The menu on each page incorporates its background image carefully, using smooth transitions and a very helpful page load indicator.

Imagery and call-outs break up the text in each section. In the “Population and Territory” section, images separate the descriptive text, allowing users to see rather than just read about the region. A nice surprise: each image can actually be expanded into an image gallery the user can scroll through. The galleries feature images that expand to the full window—a nice change from the standard small rectangle—and also include videos.

As this is a website encouraging tourism, some of its best features are within the “Get ready for your travel” section. Here, there is a customizable and interactive map where the user can indicate which features they’d like to view (such as points of interest, transportation and activities), and then explore these details through pop-outs and overlays. Through features like this and the "Before leaving" page, full of information on visa and vaccine requirements, the website fulfills its mission of preparing and encouraging travelers to visit the region.