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Getty's Endless Possibilities

By Mark Ledgerwood
October 24, 2016
Getty's Endless Possibilities

The Getty Endless Possibilities website hits on a subject that we talk about frequently here at GB: how do we use stock creatively rather than searching for ideas in the stock library? From a design perspective, Endless Possibilities is simple and straightforward. It's use of stock images is pretty amazing. The animation and the interactive component are cool, but the concept and execution of said concept is exceptional.

The creative team, illustrators and animators used various head shots of different people from their catalog to construct strikingly realistic portraits of well-known individuals, like the Dalai Lama and Angela Merkel. An eye from one shot, a flip of the hair from another, all come together in a way that is downright fascinating. You can click on the individual clips to see the entire image. If you’re not impressed with the results and the amount of work it took to construct each image then, well, I’m not sure what would impress you. What a great example of stock being used creatively.