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The Claro Group emerged from a former Big Four accounting firm as a major international provider of economic and financial consulting services. Claro clients are law firms, governments, institutional investors and corporations in major litigation, antitrust disputes, and large-scale insurance challenges. Read more here.

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Four Reasons Why Legal Marketing Has No Future: Part IV

By Burkey Belser
January 4, 2012
Four Reasons Why Legal Marketing Has No Future: Part IV

Reason #4 Battered Dreams

It’s our own fault. We promised too much. We have sold magic bullets like marketing and business development, branding and websites. All of this is valuable ammunition to firms that know how to use it. But it seems to me, there are far too many law firms that have the bullets but not the guns.

Buy guns; having an industry focus is a gun; developing a firm-oriented compensation strategy is a gun; having respect for professionals other than lawyers is a gun. So, as my dad used to say, “Shoot’em up.”

This is an excerpt from "The Future of Law Firm Marketing" as published in InsideLegal Thought Leaders Digest - COLPM Issue.