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Site of the Week: Feed Music

By Tracy Bernstein
November 11, 2016
Site of the Week: Feed Music

Feed is a digital security company that protects users' data and ideas. It focuses mainly on music. The website had a few interesting elements, including a very “scroll-centric” form of navigation. Scrolling down through a section, content loads both vertically and horizontally, which isn’t new. But, the way the content loads is interesting. 

First, you can scroll from one section to another, rather than clicking on the main navigation. In the Tech Spotlight section, the imagery to the right builds and grows, morphing into different elements. Simultaneously, copy on the left loads vertically as the imagery jumps from one figure to another. 

The site puts a lot of faith in the user’s interest in scrolling. I would prefer to have a scroll bar on the right at some point, but that option isn’t given. The variety of elements that the scrolling controls and the different motions are the creative part here.

One item I did like was the ribbon element on the right side of the page, globally. Rather than a tab or a flag of some sort, it’s a nice, delicate component that could be used in some variation on a professional services site as a slide-out tab to reveal more content. Or, as a link to a featured item or page.

Check out their website to learn more about their mission.