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Designing Holiday Cards, Ho, Ho, Ho

By Burkey Belser
December 27, 2012
Designing Holiday Cards, Ho, Ho, Ho

Snow is officially out, done, kaput. 

Having received approximately 17,000 holiday cards with snow as the creative motif and having created approximately one thousand snow-themed cards for our long-suffering clients, we now declare that snow is officially no longer an acceptable subject for electronic holiday cards. Snow joins the list of banned images that include Currier-and-Ives-type winter scenes, red and green in tandem, children's drawings, patriotic things (Santa with his foot on a reindeer holding a rifle is an extremely unsettling example of American patriotism), foil leaves and ornaments, flocking, printed signatures (we know you can still sign your name even if the recipient is far down the marketing totem pole) and mindless platitudes.

We are still, however, open to snowmen, which we think we do quite well, as we believe the illustration to this post proves. Perhaps it simply proves we have a stony outlook to the holidays, but we believe we are still kind and gentle-hearted folk.

On that note, adding to the banned list are electronic, honky tonk versions of Let It Snow, Jingle Bells, Have a Very Merry Christmas and so on down the list of tunes we all love and, at this time of year, make us feel just a little bit warm and loving to mankind. Out, out, out!

That leaves almost nothing safe for the holidays. Jesus is out unless he is your personal representative. We hardly need warn you about any of the other religions also born in the Middle East. So religion is entirely off the table, although it occurs to us this holiday has its roots in… well, it must be the winter solstice. Maybe there is something in this stone thing? Middle Earth. Hobbits. Stonehenge. We’re thinking possibly food, but not wine. Alcohol is out.

All that said, the only truly non-offensive card appears to be heavy stock with rich texture in a plain white envelope with no printing whatsoever (getting the message just right is a heart attack waiting to happen). All of which reminds us of… snow.