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Delivering a Positive and Courteous Email Unsubscribe Process

By Joe Walsh
May 27, 2015
Delivering a Positive and Courteous Email Unsubscribe Process

We read with interest Silvepop's “Unsubscribe Best Practices” white paper. For those of you who don't know, Silverpop is an IBM company. Of course, no marketer wants recipients to unsubscribe from their lists or campaigns, but with the high volume of mail we all receive in our busy days, opt outs are inevitable. As Silverpop puts it, “A bad email experience can become a bad branding experience,” and this carries over to the unsubscribing process. Here are some of their excellent tips for making unsubscribing the smoothest possible experience for your clients.

  • Don’t try to hide your button at the bottom of the email
  • Use the same font and font size as the rest of your copy
  • Use a contrasting font color to make the button easy to find
  • Give your audience options for receiving content less frequently or narrowing their range of interest.

We recommend the whitepaper to all marketers to better understand why folks unsubscribe and how to accommodate their requests respectfully. What follows are links to the study and a Silverpop blog post on the topic.

Final thought

Silverpop reminds us all to “Remember the Trust Factor. Another important issue is at stake here: Some consumers have been led to believe that clicking on unsubscribe links opens the door to more spam and phishing emails. For that reason, your unsubscribe process must be as trustworthy as possible to encourage more subscribers to use it instead of clicking the spam button or ignoring your emails. To instill trust, make sure your unsubscribe links are easy to find and do not use words or terms that aren’t clear to subscribers. Also, don’t make the opt-out process confusing by using an unclear combination of checked or unchecked boxes and confusing copy.”