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The Claro Group emerged from a former Big Four accounting firm as a major international provider of economic and financial consulting services. Claro clients are law firms, governments, institutional investors and corporations in major litigation, antitrust disputes, and large-scale insurance challenges. Read more here.

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Decrease Your Digital Footprint with Cyber Dust

By Greenfield/Belser
January 16, 2015
Decrease Your Digital Footprint with Cyber Dust

Technology has changed the way most people communicate. I don’t think half of my friends could tell you the last time they had a conversation via phone call. With a significant portion of the millennial population using texting as their go-to form of communication, one must be more cautious than ever with what they say through text. The ability to screenshot conversations has made me think twice about sending a message to someone more than few times. We are all held responsible for our words—after all, once you hit send, that text is stored permanently and there is no erase button. But sometimes you just want to be free to express yourself and say how you feel in the heat of the moment without it coming back to haunt you.

Our App of the Week, Cyber Dust, eliminates the possibility of your text messages being stored and saved by someone else. You have the option to select the users who can screenshot your messages. All messages are fully encrypted and self-destruct after 24 seconds of being read so they are never saved on a hard drive or anywhere else. This also applies to any media sent through the app. The best part is the app is completely free and you don’t have to worry about paying per text message sent or received.

I’m sure there will be some skepticism with this app, and people will criticize its potential uses, but the app’s founder, Mark Cuban (any Shark Tank fans out there!?), justifies this claim by stating it is an app that guarantees privacy. “I don’t want one of my texts taking on a life of its own and I find myself in a lawsuit because someone forwards or posts one of my texts,” he explains. I believe the digital footprint we all leave behind is something we all need to be aware of and this is just one tool to help cut back.

To learn more about Cyber Dust, visit their page on iTunes.