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The Claro Group emerged from a former Big Four accounting firm as a major international provider of economic and financial consulting services. Claro clients are law firms, governments, institutional investors and corporations in major litigation, antitrust disputes, and large-scale insurance challenges. Read more here.

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DC Transportation Made Simple

By Dillon Vita-Finzi
December 19, 2014
DC Transportation Made Simple

This week, Greenfield/Belser has decided to feature the DC Metro and Bus app—currently available in the iTunes App store for free. This app is fantastic for those in need of help with transportation and time management. The app uses real-time Metro and bus predictive technology, pulled directly from the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), to help give its users an accurate assessment of arrival and departure times. If the user finds him or herself lost, the app also acts as a DC Metro area location service. And, if there are any problems with the DC Metro or bus Service, the app will additionally send out alerts to keep its users up-to-date on everything Metro.

From a work perspective, this app is extremely beneficial for those who rely on the Metro because of its ability to help users schedule their commutes. Instead of listlessly showing up and standing at the Metro for extended periods of time, the user can check the app and adjust as needed. If the weather is terrible, the app is there. If there is an issue that shuts down several stations and lines, and redirects passengers to bus services, the app is there as well. It is a great transportation app that everyone can find useful when using the metro. Grab the DC Metro and Bus app now.