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Check out Retina

By Greenfield Belser
November 7, 2014
Check out Retina

Just like with every other innovation Apple has introduced to the world, they’ve found a new and unique way to present their new product. Upon landing on the Retina iMac with Retina Display homepage, a beautiful high-resolution image of a backpacker in front of a waterfall appears. Once you begin to scroll downwards, the image zooms further and further out to reveal more of a vast mountain scene until eventually you realize that this image is actually the desktop background of the new iMac with retina display. Very cool.

The functionality of the navigation wasn’t the only thing that hooked us. What’s also interesting about the page is that it uses the dimension of the elements in a very unique way, showcasing the monitor from both the right and left sides. As you continue to scroll for more features, certain elements “stick” on the page as you try to scroll to the bottom, adding an interesting layer to the already captivating presentation.

Once again, the folks at Apple have motivated our team here at Greenfield/Belser to test out new ideas and features for our own web designs. Check it out for yourself and get inspired.